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"Mother of Dragon" Artwork

"Mother of Dragon"

Showcased on "NFT Liverpool", Adelia Art Gallery, 2022.
Digital on Procreate/Photoshop.

"Mermaid Sighting" Artwork

"Mermaid Sighting"

Merit Award -  International Ocean Art Festival 2023. Hosted by AsianACS.
Shown "Makersplace x Nolcha Show", Miami Art Week. 2022. 

"Uninvited Guest" Artwork

"Uninvited Guest"

Shown at "1DNFTVERSERY", Neo Soho Mall, Jakarta. 2022.
Digital on Procreate/Photoshop.

"the abiota series" promotional campaign - scifi woman cyberpunk dragon air force pilot

"The Abiota Series"

Work for promotional campaign of The Abiota Series" © 2024 Eryn Rensing

The Bringer of Life - #Digital 2D #Fantasy #Concept Art #Character Design #NoAI #illustration #woman #anubis #goddess #painting

Bringer of Life"

Digital on Procreate.2024


Commission for cover book, Digital on Clip Studio Paint.2023. 

"Inkploy" artwork dragon magician dnd character concept

"Stars of the Dragon / Inkploy-016"

Digital on Procreate/Clip Studio Paint. 2024.

Inkploy-019 "Caught" woman snake forest folk

"Caught / Inkploy-019"

Digital on Procreate. 2023.

Inkploy-020 "Hunt" woman wendigo painting fantasy horror


Inkploy. Digital onProcreate. 2024.